I created this project back in September, right after 'The beauty of Space'. So this - and not Moments - actually marks my first Audio-Visualizer using particles. The scene with the trails in the middle was pretty tough to figure out, as the emission-strengths at every particle's birth are determined by the amplitude of the EQ-Band to which their entire trail are constrained to. In contrast to the other EQs in the previous scenes (regarding to the manipulated emission-strength) the particles of the trails do keep their birth-emission-value, even though it slowly fades out over their lifespans. The following scenes until the drop are showing fluid-simulations converted into particles being affected by the amplitude of the sound again. But this audio-integration affects the positions of the particles being moved in normal-direction during the simulation according to the sound. So it can actually be considered as a spectrogram branched in a fluid-simulation.

I used

3DS Max




After Effects

Optical Flares