Symbolism II


In preparation of 'The beauty of Space II' Electro-Light told me that his second part of his song 'Symbolism' is near before release. So we decided to put some space-animations into the video. While the shots of the first drop show nebulas only I thought it would be a great idea to combine nebulas and music-visualizers in the second drop.

I created the sims very different. Some of them are freezes frames of some moving meshes as FFX object sources I created with PFlow particles and Frost and some of them were created using PFlow only as FFX particle source. Finding the right settings for lighting and absorption strengths were the most different and time affording part. After several testings I chose for the last shot e.g. a final pass density of 2.0 (-4) with a lighting density of relative 4.0 (0).

I used

3DS Max




After Effects